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For so many defenseless creatures, Hell is just on Earth

"Violence against human animals and violence against non-human animals are the two sides of the same horrible coin"
(editor's note)

The content of these videos might upset your sensibility:………

(Behind the mask of civilization and progress it often lurks an abomination made of violence against the weakest beings)




"Non-human animals are different from us, but non inferior to us"
(editor's note)


Another wonderful story

Good News…


The Beagles have been rescued and adopted:

Whenever I look into my kittens' eyes, I ask myself - "How is it possible to think that non-human animals don't have a soul, feelings, the power of reason ...?"
(editor's note)

Bad News

"Never forget we humans descend from apes" (editor's note)

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This wonderful video has been created by my friend MonkeyPuzzle56…

Thanks, my friend!
Solvenius 3 is ready!

Gianluca, my son, has released the 3rd major version of his now open source videogame dedicated to logic guessing of number sequences, à la Mastermind.

This new version is written in Elm - a functional programming language for creating HTML 5 apps!

Solvenius 3 is free and can run on any device (PC, Mac, smartphone), provided that you have a modern web browser.

Solvenius website:

Project page on GitHub:…
Another wonderful video created by friend PeterN64 and illustrating some other pictures of…
This wonderful video, showing some of my metaphysical creations, has been created by my friend PeterN64 (
Thank you PeterN64! :D…